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USMAHOF Nominate

The Nomination Process Begins Here

Your Induction into the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame is a unique honor as it is comprised solely of martial artists who have made a difference in the lives of others. Each person recognized in this organization has uniquely contributed to the overall development of the martial arts and themselves.

While the majority of our nominees come from former inductees, candidates for induction may be nominated or recommended by anyone. All applications will be formally reviewed and submitted to the USMAHOF nomination committee. YOU MUST BE approved for INDUCTION by one or more USMAHOF committee members.  That happens only after the nominee has been properly vetted and had their training history, lineage and background researched.  

This process helps assure that only qualified candidates meeting the high standards of the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame are extended an invitation to join our Martial Arts Fraternity. Those candidates who are accepted are among the best of the best in their chosen field.

United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame Inductees Include:

First Row:  Bruce Lee, Tak Kubota, Cacoye Canete, Mark Shuey, Bill Wallace

Second Row:  Frank Shamrock, Gene Labelle, Gokor Chivichyan, Adrien Emperado


Silver Award

Silver Life Award (30+ Years)
Master of the Year
Founder of the Year
Distinguished Instructor
Distinguished Master
Distinguished Founder
Distinguished Law Enforcement Officer
Distinguished Combat Operator

Bronze Award

Instructor of the Year
International Instructor of the Year
Man of the Year
Woman of the Year
Competitor of the Year
Male Competitor of the Year
Female Competitor of the Year
Black Belt of the Year
Martial Artist of the Year
Martial Arts School of the Year
Martial Arts Organization of the Year
Law Enforcement Officer of the Year
Combat Arts Operator of the Year
Defensive Tactics Instructor of the Year

Platinum Award

Pioneer Award (50+ Years)
Martial Arts Legend
Living Legend
Lifetime Achievement

Gold Award

Golden Life Award (40+ Years)
Grandmaster of the Year
Distinguished Grandmaster
USMAHOF Honor Award

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