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USMAHOF Fraternity Ring

Hall of Fame Fraternity Ring
A professionally styled Championship XXXL sized ring from Balfour (Now offering Ladies ring and pendant) made of Celestrium for life long everyday wear. It is brilliantly polished antique finish with ablack facet onyx stone.

One side will feature the Year you were inducted and the other will feature Inductee. You have the option to add your name, rank, or style inscribed in the inner ring.

United States Martial Arts
Hall of Fame
Fraternity Ring

Men's Ring Price = $350.00
Women's Ring Price = $275.00
Women's Pendant Price = $245.00

USMAHOF Fraternity Rings are Custom-Order Only
Ring Orders May Take 8-12 Weeks to Manufacture

Wear the USMAHOF Fraternity Ring worn by a number of Martial Arts Legends, including:  GM Chuck Merriman, GM Richard Bustillo, Nate Quarry (UFC Ultimate Fighter), GM Austin Box, Mike Goldberg (UFC), Ron Nakash (Israeli IDF Instructor), GM Gokor Chivichyan, GM Mike Dillard (Century Martial Arts)…

If you're a USMAHOF inductee, request an order form HERE.  


You must be an inducted member of the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame, in good standing. Spouse of an inducted member may also purchase a United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame ring or pendant. The USMAHOF will review all applications for Fraternity Rings prior to submission to Balfour and reserves the right to refuse the order(s) of any instructor who does not adhere to the ethical and moral standards of the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame or if in the sole determination of the Directors the applicant is ineligible to order a Fraternity Ring.  The inductee is responsible for all fees associated with the purchase of a Fraternity Ring. Due to the oversize nature of the Fraternity Ring, you should add a half-size to your normal ring size.  Questions can be directed to our office via email.
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